Geraldin Rojas and Ezequiel Paludi


Anonymous said...

We fixed a private lesson with them weeks ahead at a festival where they were teaching. They were very kind in the letters.

Then they cancelled the lesson a couple of hours before it was supposed to start. :(

sonbahar said...

I experienced festival, post festival intensive lessons and private lessons between 2007-09

festival workshops: at first it seemeed that they have a very inconsistent record.

class no.1 good start, lots of technique and analysis, some un-diplomatic criticism of students techniques.

class no.2 messy, disjointed, distant, strange.

class no.3 (people change classes after class no2 so numbers drop) excellent.

my interpretation: they passionately dislike certain approaches and motivations to tango and will not be diplomatic about what they believe is wrong.

class no.2 in the above festival had many eager dancers with good size egos. they wanted to learn fancy moves without necessarily the refinement of fundamentals.

class no.3 (and the post festival classes) had people who weren't yet ready to give up on E&G and were sure that here was more to them and were rewarded. The reward was excellent technique classes with honest open sharing of what they believe in and how they dance.

so, if you like sensitive gentle teaching and have learnt many bad habits in the past, they might not be good for you. if you're open to listen to what they have to say (you can take it or leave it at the end), they're excellent.