Daniel Nacucchio and Christina Sosa

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Tango Salon said...

Allow me to say that Cristina Sosa and Daniel Nacucchio, winners of World
Tango Championship (Tango Salon), Metropolitan Tango Championship (Tango
Salon), Metropolitan Tango Championship (Milonga) and the Japan Open (Tango
Salon) in 2008, were outstanding teachers and performers at the recent Aus International Tangofest in Sydney.

As teachers, their lessons were well prepared & appropriate to the level of
workshop participants. Their workshops focussed on dancing that is
appropriate for the milonga, including musicality and codes of the
milonga.They communicated effectively, using humour appropriately, and they
were warm and very generous with their attention to participants, constantly
moving around and helping people, despite the popularity of their classes.

I should add that this view was shared by everyone I spoke to at the event.
To top it off, they're really nice people!

Here's a video of one of their winning performances

Patricia Petronio
Tango Salon Adelaide