Ruben Harymbat y Enriqueta Kleinman

Buenos Aires



Liz Hensley said...

Not to be missed. He doesn't speak English -- but he doesn't need to because his style is so clean and musical that your eyes will teach you what you need to know. She is delightful, warm, helpful, amusing. Especially brilliant for Milonga.

Tina said...

Though I haven't actually had formal lessons with Ruben, I HAVE danced with him socially in the milongas of Buenos Aires - and they say the milonga is the best class, at least down there.
His perception of the music is so keen and clear and those social experiences alone taught me so much - especially about tuning into the leader and really trusting him.
Enriqueta is a bright star who will light your eyes and your heart. I've heard wonderful things about her teaching.

bill said...

Enriqueta taught the class (and she was very domineering and well...almost a nazi in her teaching style), very disappointing because I was expecting a lesson from a milonguero.
When I got input from Ruben (translated through my partner) it contradicted what she had said.
I would not reccomend them unless something changes in their teaching style.

Bill said...

Enriqueta was a very strict demanding instructor (drill Sargent style) not personable at all.
Ruben spoke no English and the class was taught by Enriqueta, very disappointing because I was hoping for instruction from a milonguero.
If Enriqueta would have acted as a translator for Ruben I would have been more satisfied with the class but that is not the way it was.
What little input I did get from Ruben was through personal interaction with him using my partner as a translator, and it contradicted the things that Enriqueta had just taught. I would not recommend this pair unless they change the way they conduct their workshops.