Raul Cabral

Buenos Aires


Syarzhuk said...


I took a private class and a milonga workshop with Raul.
He calls himself "PROFESOR DE TANGO " - and rightly so!
He is amazing, knows tons about tango and is able to transfer it to students (despite little command of English).
During the private class he was able to pick up minute deficiencies in our posture and movements and even though we did nothing but the 8CB and a few ochos for the whole class, it was very rewarding.

The only caveat is that in the group setting he wasn't showing much to the followers, basically saying (quoting from memory) "the lady should respond to whatever the leader is doing", so ladies you may not get as much from his group classes. But I would definitely recommend him to all leaders.

Anonymous said...

Raul Cabral teaches the essence of tango. What you need to know to dance tango-period.
Everyone benefits from his class and his English is just fine.
He has a very keen eye and can narrow in on your specific issues in no time.
His dance is smooth as silk...
don't miss him--privates with him are a dream. Asi se baila el tango.
Thank you Maestro!