Jaimes Friedgen

Seattle, WA, USA


One of the best teachers I've learned from, and general all around nice guy.


Alex said...

Jaimes is a great teacher. His workshops are in the category of "not to be missed". Very structured and analytical, good with fundamentals (balance, axis, posture, weight transfer, timing) and musicality. I can't say enough good things about his teaching.

Liz Hensley said...

I've never taken a class with Jaimes, but I can tell you that his (leader) students have a lovely embrace, a beautiful chest lead, generally don't dance too fast, know how to lead an argentine style ocho cortado and wait for the follow to complete a rotation before stepping on. So, if we are to know the teacher by his students, then I would say this fellow is a great teacher.

Pantina said...

Love him!! He focuses on the fundamentals from a different perspective. I will never look at my embrace the same again.

Knowledgeable and very approachable.

sonbahar said...

My experience is from 2004-2006 (so remember reader, things can change with time)

Group classes:
Creative, progressive, intimate.
Jaimes has what seems a natural talent for understanding his class and creating a special relationship with the class to work together and achieve simple and very important things and at the same time feeling great and having fun.

He has a deep understanding of the various fears/inhibitions/motivations of people in general which makes him very special as a teacher.

He does not come across as an organised individual, but he is a different person as a teacher. Does well thought out workshops with a clear and progressive approach.

Private classes:
(observed 5 btw 2004-06)
Good. (of course totally dependent on the individual taking the lesson)

Not as excellent as the group classes. Some people flourish when one-on-one, some flourish in a group. I think Jaimes' strength is in groups.